Fiberglass Pool Installation by DG Design

Are you looking for a new range of fiber glass pools for your personal bathroom (in a small size), looking or hotel or resort area or anywhere else? You have come at the right place. We at DG Design have a broad range of Fiberglass pool that are offered with installation facilities. Fiberglass is counted as a reasonable alternative for families who can’t afford a concrete swimming pool or they don’t want to have concrete swimming pool. Fiberglass pool installation is an important part of renovation, remodeling or construction work that needs extra care and attention.  We focus on proper installation and as per your requirement.


Fiberglass Pool Installation           Fiberglass Pool


Fiberglass Pool Installation Services by DG Design

For your needs for fiberglass pools in your personal bathroom, in hotel room bathroom or anywhere else, we DG Design are the one stop name offering you complete solutions for your swimming pool needs. We provide an artificial enclosed body intended for swimming or water based recreation, which are available in different sizes and types that you can get according to your requirement. The new and exclusive range of fiberglass pool installation is unique pool that can be personalized in accordance with your specification. We are not only supplier of readymade swimming pool and prefabricated manufacturers in India, but also help in fiberglass pool installation.  You have to choose the right type of fiberglass pools and get installation services.


  • Motorized Mountain Terrain Bike 2 in one
  • Domino s Pizza Delivery Vehicle designed in (1996) while at Hero Motors
  • “Challenger” Designed (1997) displayed at Milan ITALY by Hero Motors
  • Green Card for 100% export received from Shri V.P. Singh, the then Industrial Minister on behalf of S.I.C.O., Allahabad (1984).
  • Two seater hovercraft ready for operation Garh-Ganga (1984) (India)
  • Five seater hovercraft in transportation
  • Two seater hovercraft being inspected at Pragati Maidan by Canadian Embassy, New Delhi (1984)
  • F.R.P. Tank Being moulded one piece at site.100 x 5 x 1
  • M.M.T.B. developed (2003) first time in India as our own activity
  • F.R.P. Tank Being moulded at site
  • India Today, June 30-1984
  • Hint Ghaziabad, Nov. 04-1983
  • New Delhi 1994
  • Sun Magazine, New Delhi.Nov. 16-1985
  • Hindustan Times.Oct 06-1985